Family Reading Tips

It’s fun and easy to read together!

Books in your home help your child prepare for school and open a world of new ideas and opportunities! We highly encourage you to start with print books. This helps understand stories’ beginning, middle, and end. However, digital books can be helpful when you’re on the go or want something different to read together. We have many digital books and resources available to help you gain confidence and read with your child anytime.

Watch this short video for tips on how and why to start your child with books. More will be coming soon, so check back often!


Pick up a book and try the following tips:

Point to letters and words as you read

Ask questions about the story as you go

Make funny sounds and different voices

Show and share your feelings

Connect the words to the pictures

Repeat the same books over and over!

Don’t have any children’s books at home to read?

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